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Chato wrote:

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I am no longer thinking you are arguing a consistant point.

I actually believe that you just like to argue.

Then when you get frustrated you resort to ad hominem attacks.

I made a specific post, that had ​no attacks, ad hominem or otherwise​ on your statement that the mainstream Media is "left wing."

You wrote, "I don't want to be more offensive then I have to be - But your statement is FLAMMING HYPOCRISY!"

I will repost it...

82 Member of Congress created their own Deficit reduction plan, that balances the budget and increases Social Spending. Have you ever heard of it?

82 Members of Congress come up with a plan validated by the CBO as practical, AND YOU NEVER HEARD OF IT?

No. Have a link?

The CBO is a non-partisan group that are charged to basically crank numbers given the data that they we given by Congress. They are not allowed to fact check the information nor determine if that information they were given is complete.

Goodness. That left wing bias must be on strike.

86 Members of Congress came up with a Single Payer Universal Health Insurance Plan, AND YOU NEVER HEARD OF IT?

Which Bill was that?

Goodness, that Commie Media is just falling down on the job...

Now where in the above am I making such attack?

Plain and simple, you are simply saying, (Pardon the quotes) "I never heard of either of these two proposals, and I am surprised that NONE of the media even covered it. But I can't admit that, so I'll make a phony charge of being personally attacked -


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Read your posts. This is not a discussion. You are making a shouting match. The bold and upper case demonstrates that. Not to forget the sarcastic remarks.

I wonder if you treat everyone this way.

My point was quite simple. The above Bills were proposed by a signifigant chunk of Congress. You not only haven't heard of them, you ​Actually question their existence.

What is wrong with demanding proof of your claim?

​You demand links, you demad "Proof."

Do you have any idea how funny your replies are?

What are you saying - that everything you write must be taken as truth and not questioned?

No, sorry, I don't have to give you links or proof, although I have ​BOTH ​book marked. And that's because, it wont mean a thing to you. No facts would mean a thing to you.

Okay, don't provide proof.  Then why would you expect anyone to take your claim seriously?

And of course, I use bold and italic, because nothing would mean a thing to you.

The problem is one of communication.  You are not making a concise and clear argument.  When asked for specifics you go general and reply with virtually abstract comments and some appear to be unrelated to the initial argument.

When asked for clarification you continue to chide me rather than explain yourself.

YOu could of course Google the "Peoples Budget" or Google "Single Health care plan" But you wont. You don't want to know.

There is more information on Google on this subject than anyone could hope to read in years.  It is wrong to expect others to do all the research.  Just a search on the words "People's Budget" turns up 36,800,000 hits.  Why can't you provide a specific link?

Think of it this way.  What if I claimed I just invented a new form of virtually inexhaustible energy, but refused to give you any details or science behind the claim?  Ignore the intellectual property claims for now.

Do you believe I have a just expectation to simply be taken at my word?  Of course not.  I must back up my claim with facts.

That is how the scientific method works.  It is also how argumentation works.  Who ever makes a claim must be prepared to back up the claim with proof.  The burden falls on the claimant, not someone else.

The bottom line is, you may think you are being crystal clear, but you are not.  Instead, your replies appear deceitful, evasive, and condescending.  I am fine with giving you the benefit of the doubt here because you may not realize how your posts are coming across.

Perhaps that is frustrating both of us.  Can we start over?


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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