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Re: Strange logics

You want creativity? Try handholding a prime in low light such as the excellent Zeiss 85 1.4 AF with IS; no can do with Canon. Is the 5D III bad for the scenario? It's probably okay for some, but it lags Sony.

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Zeiss taste...Beercan budget!

If you say. The Canon equivalent is f/1.2, not f/1.4, so a half-stop quicker. The 5D III also focuses at EV -2 (and the 6D at EV -3). The A99 is rated to EV -1. If the light levels were severe enough to merit IS, you wouldn't catch focus at all with any Sony body. That's aside from a full stop of noise performance both Canon bodies net, which will keep the shutter speed high enough to avoid motion blur.

Put simply: when it comes to getting the shot, I'd have my money on Canon. That translucent mirror isn't inconsequential; to get better Live View AF and superior motion tracking with video, you're giving up performance at the extremes of still photography where every photon counts.

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