Ok, finally decided to load Win 8 and have some concerns.

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Re: Ok, finally decided to load Win 8 and have some concerns.

Mine went well, it is annoying how they push you to use their mail service.  I reinstalled outlook 2003 on the computer and discovered the search function ignored emails even though the outlook files were included when I figured how to drill down in the settings.

But you can search office outlook email by using file explorer, do a search and ignore results then hit "search again in" and select outlook.   What a step backward from win 7 search.  They won't even make it simple to search their own flagship product. Note this was for Office 2003 and may be ok for newer versions, someone may wish to comment on this. One more reason not to migrate from 7 to 8 in an office environment.  They need an office email app that shows up when you do a win 8 search so you can select in just like  apps, files, etc.

In researching this issue I found lots of negative comments about Outlook.com (the supplied email program) does not support pop mail.

It has been fun to play with some apps,  most of the free ones are crap and I have uninstalled them.   I like the Pandora app cause it is pretty.  The youtube app causes a "black screen of death" for some files when they finish playing and the computer reboots, something to do with Adobe Flash.  Note the same youtube file is fine using the desktop version of youtube.

Still it was worth the upgrade to my older laptop Dell D630 with 2G mem which ran XP.  While 8 is still $40 have thought about upgrading my desktop but the search email fail is too annoying and I plan to stick with Win 7.

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