Thoughts on a new printer?

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Re: Thoughts on a new printer?

I've been using an HP920C for sometime but rarely print images because when I do I usually want something big. I find the HP printers much faster than Epson for general purpose and in draft mode entirely usable and fast.  Bought an Epson once, admittedly low model, and gave it away.

I tend to use third party cartridges and have never had an issue. Saving 50% and more on HPs high priced ink.

The market is swamped with models, which often have a very limited life before being superseded.  All in one is certainly the way to go. One reason I like HP is that they tend to be sheet fed from a horizontal tray, so nothing sticking up/out at the back.  People tend to stick with the make they 'know'.

There are some incredibly cheap colour lasers.  So cheap that buyers tend to just replace it with another whole printer back when the toner runs out.

WiFi is another question, can be tricky to install.

No answers but food for thought.

Good Luck. Stuart

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