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Re: Sony A99 is in its own class but no-one is forced to buy one

topstuff wrote:

In many ways comparing it to other camera like the 5D3 or D800 misses the point.

If you want a pro-body FF weathersealed camera with:

> Articulating rear screen

> Fully functioning AF in live view which is just the same as with normal use, including video

> In body IS which works will ALL lenses.

> Focus Peaking in manual mode with ANY lens , even old lenses with an adaptor

Then the A99 is for you.

There is no other camera that does these things in FF.

You either value these things, in which you'll dig the A99, or you don't in which case you will get a D800 or 5D3.

I value these features, so I am getting an A99. Others will feel differently.

Its quite simple really. There is plenty of choice across the main brands for everyone.

What I don't get is the agenda-driven posts from some people who want to somehow disrespect these choices. It is very weird, and tells us how immature the poster is, rather than if there is anything wrong with their chosen camera.

Grown up people with some emotional intelligence really don't care about trolling or arguing. They just buy the possessions that suit their needs. I don't need to have my worth as a human being verified by people liking the possessions I own. Why would I ?

I like Sony cameras and see no reason to change. Or even to argue about it.

These are all good points. Some of that, particularly focus peaking, I've dinged Canon for not including (though you can get it with Magic Lantern). There's no question that for casual use (i.e., a moving camera, not focus-pulling), the A99 has higher usability out of the box than the 5D III. But a number of mirrorless bodies will do as well or better on that front, most (e.g., Panasonic's GH2 and GH3) without the artifacts that affect Sony video.

It's odd to me to emphasize functionality that's inherently compromised in a DSLR while downplaying areas where it should have significant advantages over a contrast-detect body.

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