Is this typical for Nikon repair service?

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What sticks in my craw

What sticks in my craw is that I cannot even pay for good service if I'm willing to fork over the cash.

I'm a serious amateur, and I've spent around $25k on Nikon stuff since switching 2.5 years ago.   Great equipment for my purposes.   Couldn't be happier.

But Nikon seems obsessed with current market share and the need to undercut Canon on price.   Nikon US seems determined to make up some of its profit margin by screwing us on repair and replacement parts.  We get it.  It's a short run strategy that will damage the brand in the long term, but that's not my problem. Not being able to use my equipment, and mistrusting quality control is my problem.

I want to enjoy and have the use of my cameras, and I'm willing to pay for the privilege.

But I can't!

I don't qualify for NPS.

But why can't Nikon at least set up Nikon Concierge Service.   Charge for it.   Make money.  If something happens to my camera they will send a courier or a box with a replacement camera/lens and pick up the broken one for priority repair, with higher levels of quality control and higher standards.  As part of the deal, they could give customers and adjustments of all cameras and lenses to higher tolerances.   They could give us a human being, with a direct phone line, to contact.

I pay gladly money every year for concierge service from my long time GP MD.  He's happy, and I'm happy.   I don't really need this at the moment, but when something goes wrong, I want someone who knows me at the table.  Our lives and our time are valuable and are worth spending money on.

I would also gladly pay each year for Nikon Concierge Service, even if I do not need it every year.

What I do now is have 3 usable FX bodies - D3s, D4, D800 and make a mental budget for being screwed out of money and use of my equipment by Nikon repair.  My D800 broke down during a studio project two weeks ago.  I switched to the D4, which was good enough for the purpose.  I sent the D800 to Melville.   Ten days later I get an estimate for a bearable amount, --by snail mail.  I could fight it, but it's not worth my time, really.   Part is my fault, part is theirs, but I'm better off swallowing it.   But 10 days just to get back to me!   Wow.   I think of all the poor Nikonians who need their camera right away.  Poor bastards.  (I was once one of those, and it was like being on the rack.)

The fact is that the Nikon model is costing the customers much, much more in value than Nikon is making from them.   This is a current mistake, and also a future opportunity.

If Nikon needs more money to provide quality control and service, they should just ask.   We need them and they need us.  I, for one, and any rational customer, would gladly pay for it.

These forums don't always help.  We talk about tiny increments of price, when each and every one of us spends time worth far more than our cameras as part of our lives, learning about them, and using them, and enjoying them.

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Thanks in advance for the kindness of your comments or critiques.

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