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Re: Strange logics

Nordstjernen wrote:

If something isn't better than the very best, it doesn't mean it is bad.

Have you worked with the A99 yourself? Taking action photographs, using focus tracking?

Also this camera has a focus limiter that works with all lenses, and which remove one of the biggest problems with autofocus when shooting action: You miss the subject for a moment, and the lens hunts from shortest distance to infinity!

Your claim "all reviewers say ... " isn't worth much!

This is an interesting post. My point of contention at the outset had less to do with the capabilities of the body than how they were measured relative to the top of the class. The bar graph was/is misleading. At least one person here referenced it in another thread, so people do seem to pay attention to it.

Is the AF system objectively bad? Probably not for most people, but it does lag class parity, and that's not inconsequential. Some creative options open up when you can trust the AF. You shoot differently. There will be frequent scenarios where a 5D III will hit double or more what the Sony can manage, and I (and many other event shooters) put a very high priority on that ability.

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