Kickball with A77 & 70-400G

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Re: Kickball with A77 & 70-400G

garykohs wrote:

Simelane wrote:

I shoot a lot of pictures of my kids school events with my A77, but I am never satisfied with my pictures. I currently use a Sigma 18-250 lens and often wish it was as good as my kit 16-50 lens (the Sigma is awful on the long side). I have been agonising over which lens to invest in: the 70-400G (which should be great for getting close to the action) or the 70-200G (which should be great for catching fast action)

I notice that most other parents have huge expensive lenses on their cameras; I haven't been brave enough to go and ask what kind of lens they use, but they look more like wide aperture lenses (big wide openings in front) rather than long lenses (no extending telescoping). This seems to make sense as light can be unpredictable at sports events, and yet one needs to shoot at the fastest possible shutter speed most of the time.

I also notice that all your pictures (save for the last one) were shot at 200mm or less. Do you think that the Sony 70-200G would have been the better lens on the day (especially as dusk set in). It certainly looks like this is the kind of lens that most parents are using for school events. If I got this lens, would I miss the extra reach that much (you didn't seem to use it in your pictures, and I'm guessing that you were sitting on the sidelines or grand stands)

I hope that I am not unreasonably hijacking your thread with my questions...

I shot all 800+ pictures between 9 am and about 10:30 am so I knew the light would be pretty good (you just have to stay between the sun and the subject). These were all at ISO 200. That's why I used the 70-400G instead of the 70-200G. I'm not sure that was the best decision, though. The 70-200G focuses somewhat faster and would have isolated the subject better with a larger aperture.

These games were all played on little league fields and I was standing behind the fence on either baseline. You don't really need 400mm reach for that, especially with the cropping ability of 24 MP.

What sports are you shooting? Are you shooting in daylight or under artificial lights?

Thanks for responding, Gary. Most of my kids events are out door event, such as track, field and swimming event. I find that the 16-50 adequately covers the indoor events, which tend to be school plays, etc. (my wife is very active at my kids schools, so she tends to get dibs on front row seats... :-D)

Taken on a partly cloudy morning. Slightly cropped, no post processing

Taken on a drizzly overcast day.

Both pictures were taken at less than optimal conditions... I can live with that. What really gets to me is the fringing that occurs at the limit of the lens. I've noticed that this is less under bright conditions (lower ISO, faster shutter speed) and I have never had it occure with my 16-50 lens - which is why I am really leaning towards the 70-200G, even though I'd love the extra reach of the 70-400G

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