Seeking Tips for Dance Performance Shoot

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Re: Seeking Tips for Dance Performance Shoot

D3 - ISO 6400 - 1/250@f2.8 - Focal length 45mm

I've done a fair bit of dance photography but I'm not a Pro like anotherMike. He knows what he's talking about and if I were you I would follow his advice. I've tried all kinds of settings and I find that manual works best for me. I'll shoot a shot at ISO 3200 and 1/250 F2.8 to see how that looks and then I go from there. I now use a D3s and a D4 so I don't really care too much what ISO I'm using. I use what I have to use to get at least 1/250 or a lot faster depending on the scene. When a dancer or dancers are coming out on the stage I shoot a quick shot and look at the pic on the LCD and do a quick adjustment. Then as the lights are going up or down I just take a guess and make the necessary changes.

I've never seen or used a D800 but I've read a lot of comments on here how it's as good as the D3s or D4 at high ISO. If that is indeed the case then just crank up the ISO as necessary to make sure you have 1/250 sec or higher.

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