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Re: Pete: Re DOF issues ...

tesilab wrote:

BertIverson wrote:

Pete_S wrote:

Always focus on the furthest object of interest. More than any other camera I've owned, I find it difficult with the RX-100 to get general scenes which include both near and far objects sharp. The distant objects usually end up blurred. ..

I am confused by this. Normally the Depth-Of-Field behind the main subject is significantly larger than the DOF in front of the main subject.


If you look it up in DOF charts, you will see the ratio changes with distance. I used to think rule of thumb it was 2/3 behind, and 1/3 in front however big it is, but that isn't at every distance. Sometimes it is 1/2 & 1/2, for example. (I don't think it is ever the reverse!)

I agree, it's strange.  Usually I would focus in the mid-distance and expect sharp from infinity to fairly close, as I've done since film days and the nice DOF scales you used to get on lenses, but not with the RX-100.  Well, my RX-100 at least, maybe other samples are different/better.

Talking of DOF and distances, from where you're taking the picture the distances are going to look more compressed the further away you look, if you see what I mean.  Only someone looking side-on at the scene will see the true distances. Not sure ifI explained that very well!

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