SZ-30MR - Dusk over Auckland

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Re: SZ-30MR - Dusk over Auckland

Henry Falkner wrote:

Ross A wrote:

Pardon my ignorance but I am am trying to learn photography. What does EV-1 mean? The photo is very impressive.

Generally digital cameras have two automatic modes.

On recent Olympus cameras you get i(ntelligent) AUTO, which is programmed to guess what kind of scene your shooting, and then choosses a SCENE mode.

The other automatic mode is called P(rogrammable) Mode, and this one just assumes that if everything in a picture is averaged out it will be medium gray - but often the right exposure is a bit less than average grey. This is where Exposure Variation allows you to override what the camera thinks. From experience I know that a dusk scene makes the shadows AND the sky too bright, so I made the picture darker, and Exposure Variation -1 turned out to be the right value.


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Thanks for explaining your technique Henry. I will have to try this and see what results I can get.


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