RX1 vs Nex-7 24mm f/1.8

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Re: RX1 vs Nex-7 24mm f/1.8

ImagesInstyle wrote:

its sad how much of androids we have become in this digital world.

"it wins-Its better " will always happen with the next best greatest model..it will keep going, on forever.

when will it stop becoming a "race" of sorts.

The RX1 is suppose to be quote-unquote "better"...its a full frame sensor.

some of the most artist iconic shots from days gone by, were as soft as a 5.6 lens.

The love and art of photography has been replaced with bitter rivalry, and corporate greed.

Yes the RX1 shot is sharper, more colorful, but does that make the 7 less of a camera, worse of a

camera?? Is it now been resorted to labeled "worthless,no sharp enough"??..Reaally....Wow..

And i bet most RX1 user, wont even be using it in a professional business, but nothing more

than taking nice picture, for them to see on the computer screen to upload to flickr.

well to each its own.

Enjoy your gear.

why this concern about using the rx1 in a professional business? this is at least the second time you've brought up this argument. reminds me of a thread started in another forum for real video gear heads about whether a black camera looked more professional and having one made you a professional. it was started by someone with a satirical eye, but not all who joined in got the point. a great camera is helpful indeed if you want to take good photographs. but there's no requirement that a great camera be used by professionals only - or at all.

people have different priorities when it comes to spending their money. some collect stamps. some go to movies weely. some have a latte at starbucks every day. some collect classic cars. whatever floats your boat, as long as you aren't hurting anyone else. relax, enjoy. and let others do the same.

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