D800 vs MF Film, not a standard question

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Re: The Story so Far - Awesome reply

Thanks a lot, mira. Awesome post.

With many years of professional experience with MF (Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica and Pentax) and 35mm (Nikon) I agree completely.

I would also add one advantage of MF (film). The huge viewfinder. It invites for more careful work with compositions. Its just easier to spot distractions. Maybe also because one are slowed down, and brought out of the cursed snapping mode that brings us millions of unusable photos every day.

Quality is always sacrificed for convenience. And those who prefer convenience will no acknowledge the loss of quality.

As most just watch images on screen, the quality difference between digital FX and film MF might not even be visible.

The difference is in print and projection.

Anyone remember color slide film? Try comparing a 6x6 positive, projected with a good slides projector to any digital image projected with a digital projector.

Remember how we used Kodak Carusels to make AV programs? Where are those things today? They disappeared over night.

Oh, well. Who am I convincing. Anyway, about to buy a D800E. And a Sigma DP1m. Maybe I should get a film MF again too... Hm...

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