GH3 = Mega PDR test (all ISOs, new results, D800 lost its crown, The Holy Grail is found............

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Re: GH3 = Mega PDR test (all ISOs, new results, D800 lost its crown, The Holy Grail is found ...

jim stirling wrote:

rrr_hhh wrote:

Anders W wrote:

The D800 looks less noisy for reasons already mentioned but has no detail advantage. Rather, the E-M5 provides more detail here.

I agree, I was surprised to see that the D800 look softer than the upsampled E-M5 picture. However, once you reduce noise on the E-M5 it will loose details too.

Or if you keep noise reduction to zero on the D800, it will get more detailed too.. Anyway, I'm surprised to see how much details the upsampled E-M5 picture shows.

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The DPreview image hosting is doing no favours to the images in the original files the D800 looks a lot sharper, plus the D800 is most definitely not optimised for 6400 ISO at any other ISO comparison the two stops advantage are easily achieved . I would suggest downloading the original RAW files


Since I managed to f*ck up the images I wanted to post the first time around, I simply repeat my original reply, hopefully with all the images correct this time.

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OK. So here goes. These are directly out of LR 4.2 with the E-M5 images upsampled, as requested, to match the pixel count of the D800. All settings at default except as indicated in the captions. If you click "view original size" you will bypass any complications caused by the DPR display system.

As to optimization, neither camera is optimized for the ISOs used any more than the other. The D800 is simply shown at the ISO it requires to produce a shot equivalent (in terms of DoF and shutter speed) to that of the E-M5 at ISO 1600. The difference between the DR curves of the two cameras from a DxO "measured ISO" of 400 onwards is approximately the same, so it doesn't matter much at which higher ISO we choose to conduct the comparison. Of course, the results for both cameras would be better if we stayed lower and get worse if went higher.

Nikon D800 at ISO 6400, no NR

E-M5 at ISO 1600, no NR

D800 at ISO 6400, chroma NR at 25 (default), no luminance NR

E-M5 at ISO 1600, chroma NR at 25 (default), no luminance NR

D800 at ISO 6400, chroma NR at 25 (default), luminance NR at 50

E-M5 at ISO 1600, chroma NR at 25 (default), luminance NR at 50

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