Flowers on my walk. x10

Started Dec 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
Gary N W Forum Pro • Posts: 10,857
Re: Flowers on my walk. x10--Hi Max (newer)

I do not believe you need one bit of counseling for such feelings!  Add another 25 years and that would be my age.  Too old and set in my ways for counseling!! hahaha   Who said that soft firm flower petals cannot feel just like soft but firm skin?  LOL

Cheers and be well mate    Gary N W  SFO

max metz wrote:

Thanks Gary, now in my 50's photography has made me appreciate flowers more, not having any idea of their names its a matter of just being content to admire the variety. It often occurs to me flowers are like beautiful women, they bloom and peak at different rates and times in their life - quite fascinating. The texture too of some petals is like soft firm skin, I may need counseling! lol

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