$80 p&s compact Thread

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Re: $80 p&s compact Thread

Dougbm_2 wrote:

What would you do with a decent camera? I had one of these for short while and thought it had very poor IQ. Mind you my "worst" camera is an X100.

I do have a decent camera - a Pentax K-x dSLR (I know, not necessarily the "bestest" in the world ;-)) but I deliberately chose to use this A1200 in smaller dark venues where it is small convenient much less cumbersome and less intrusive - and I find the flash results are much better than my proper gear. As you see from the OP I did have a Canon G10 which stopped working - I am not claiming for a moment this cheapo A1200 is of the same class - but the results I have been getting with the A1200 seemed more than adequate (to me, YMMV).

Here's a dollar bill test I did earlier on:

dollar bill - full-frame on the Canon A1200

100% Crop

100% Crop

These seemed adequate IQ to me.

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