"$99" Sigma 19mm II - FIELD OF VIEW compare against Sigma 30 (photos)

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Re: "$99" Sigma 19mm II - FIELD OF VIEW compare against Sigma 30 (photos)

Elyharbour wrote:

Elyharbour wrote:

I think I'll take it back tomorrow and try out another.

Well that was interesting! I tried another Sigma 19mm in the shop and just reviewed the shots at home. It was slightly sharper on the RHS at 100% than the one I have, but noticeably inferior on the LHS especially at wider apertures. Centre on both was identical. So there is definitely variation in these Sigmas. Has anyone else noticed this? Are we just all expecting too much from what is after a pretty cheap lens?

I don't doubt your observations one bit. But fortunately, both Sigmas I own, the 19 and 30, do not exhibit this aberration in sharpness. And from most reviews, shots, etc. I have seen online, this phenomenon does not seem to be widespread. Otherwise, the reputation of the Sigma lenses would not be what it is.

Maybe you could post some of your shots showing this irregularity?

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