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Re: Minolta Lens Question

Minolta first introduced the "D" lenses with the Dynax/Maxxum 7 film camera.  Along with ADI flash control (which has some limited uses), they also added a DOF computer to the camera.  When you pressed the DOF preview button, along with stopping down the lens, the camera would show you the DOF range on the rear data screen.  Unfortunately, it was the only alpha camera that had that feature.

Additionally, all Minolta 14-segment metering cameras (essentially all of the cameras from the xi film series to the last DSLRs, except for some entry level camera) used distance as part of the multisegment meter exposure calculations.  They got the focus distance from the number of turns of the focusing "screw driver" during auto focusing (or in the 7 and 7D DMF and normal MF, both of which kept the "screw driver" engaged with the lens.)  You could actually see a difference in the set exposure when changing from AF to MF on the earlier cameras.  Some of the cameras after the 7 used the "D" feature of the lens to allow the multisegment metering to keep working when the camera was set to MF and the AF coupling was disengaged.  I'm not sure what Sony has done, or if they even use subject distance in multisegment metering exposure control.


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