RX1. What photos would you like me to post.

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Neil: Attention whoring troll

Neil attacked the first post I made on the D600 forum, when I introduced myself and said I was excited about ordering the D600, saying he hated those kinds of posts. I then saw he had recently made the exact same post on another forum, about being excited for a camera to arrive. He is a pathetic troll. Nothing more.

I bet he has limited social interaction, drives away anyone who could potentially be a friend, and just buys camera after camera, pretending to be anything but a snapshot shooter. His family probably gives him money to get him to go away.

He appears to be mentally ill and thrives on the attention he gets from being a freak. He loves to bait people and post things that will enflame a response. 7 threads at the same time? Please. He is fun to laugh at, but I feel sorry for him at the same time, considering how pathetic he is. He probably comes from a family with money, has done nothing meaningful on his own, and invents personalities online as a form of escape and getting the attention that has been missing from his empty, mentally-ill, life.

That is my 2 cents.

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