Why NEX-7 over Fujifilm X-Pro1

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I bought the NEX 7 and have mixed feelings

I bought the NEX 7 and have mixed feelings, if I had it to do again, I don't know what I would do.



The size is really nice, I like you come from Nikon SLRs.  I bought the Sony never ready case, and the camera with the kit lens is a pleasure to take along.


I applied the firmware patch and have disabled the video button.  I still for some strange reason keep hitting the control wheel on the back of the camera by accident.  This is the fourth digital camera I have owned and the first that I have had that problem with.  I still hit the video button.  I think the Tri whatever is ok, but I think give a choice I would opt for the Fuji's traditional layout.


Is the key to this camera, if you take the time to set up the programmable keys so that there is no redundancy (which I initially had programmed), the camera is very useable, but again, I think the Tri Navi may have been solving a non existent problem.  The menus are a bit wierd, but now i rarely need to go into them.


Really a strong point, camera has focus assist and focus peaking, both are very nice


I am not a fan of the NEX7s styling and would have preferred a more traditional design.


Another reason for my mixed feelings is Sony's pricing policy for the newly released lenses.  It's like they almost lured you into the camera with reasonably priced lenses and now they want $450 for a normal lens and $850 for a wide zoom.  If these lenses were more reasonably priced I would own them, but at $1300 for the body and kit, $450 for the normal and $850 for the wide zoom, you are paying $2600 for what amounts to an advanced amateur camera kit.  The Fuji Kit is even more expensive, but I don't know how the build quality compares.  The Sony lenses are ok build wise, but no indicative of the prices.

My advice shoot with both

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