Why NEX-7 over Fujifilm X-Pro1

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Re: Why NEX-7 over Fujifilm X-Pro1

Jim Lewis wrote:

I am not trolling. Due to a recent fall and rotator cuff surgery, I need to lighten the load. I've been a Canon user for a long time and have a ton of gear, but am now looking at two mirrorless cameras -- the Sony NEX-7 and Fuji X-pro1. I favor the former, due to its lower bulk, but sales people at my camera store, who sell both and know me, favor the Fuji due to what they believe are better optics. For those of you who had this internal discussion with yourself, why did you choose the NEX-7?

I deeply appreciate any guidance.

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I have got the NEX-7 and have briefly tried the Xpro1 and XE1.

I think the NEX-7 is a much more responsive camera (virtually no shutter lag and pretty quick AF). The tri-navi also makes you adjust all exposure while holding the camera in one hand, whereas you cannot do that with the Fujis. On the other hand Fuji has nice dedicated retro style controls.

Ergonomically I feel you have to strain your muscles less with the NEX-7, in the hand i.e...but we all are different in this department.

If you like tweaking your RAW's in PP like me, then the Sony as of now is a safer bet (if you are LR or Aperture user), but the Fuji allows pretty extensive PP in-camera which sounds cool.

When it comes to low-light performance then there is no 100% documentation that the Fuji is better than the NEX. Rumor goes that a given ISO value in the Fuji corresponds to a lower ISO in the NEX. Having that in mind, then I prefer the 5N compared to XE1 in this latest comparison (not sure what the reviewer think as I don't speak French): http://www.focus-numerique.com/test-1558/compact-fujifilm-x-e1-bruit-electronique-12.html On screen you probably get cleaner files with the Fuji, and on print NEX-7 may have the overall advantage.

I think it is important that you play with them both before making the decision, as it all comes down to personal preferences and feel in the end.

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