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Re: Lets just remember that the internet is full of fools..

philbot wrote:

RTIMD wrote:

Where in my post have you seen me writing that the AF isn't good enough? I said it's good but, but the Canikon have better AF systems, and that's not anything new to anyone. And since we're on DPR, you can check it in their reviews.


The problem is it's largely one aspect of AF that they slightly lag behind Canikon and that's predictive AF,

However, no Canikon offers

Full time PDAF in liveview

Full time PDAF in video

AF Range limiting in-camera

And normal AF abililties in low light and accuracy terms seem absolutely on par, if not occasionally better..

So there is plenty to debate if someone's stance is "Sony's AF is behind Canikon" as a general statement..

I have to agree, but in the same time I don't The things you mentioned are the reason I have got a Sony camera. I have my reserves when talking about AF in low light - without the AF assist lamp my A77 wouldn't focus where, let's say a Canon 7D, would, also the focus points on A77 are much bigger then the Canon counterparts cameras - this sometimes leads to quite unpleasant situations, the camera wouldn't focus on smaller, thinner things - say a branch, Canon's AF feels more consistent here. Previous generation AF, while lacking the continuous focus abilities with their double cross type (a700) seemed better to me.

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