New RX100 user, tips wanted

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Re: New RX100 user, tips wanted

Always focus on the furthest object of interest.  More than any other camera I've owned, I find it difficult with the RX-100 to get general scenes which include both near and far objects sharp. The distant objects usually end up blurred.  I suspect the lens has a slightly curved focal plane, if that's the right word, which is causing focus to be very critical, especially towards the corners and sides of the frame, even when stopped down a bit.  I find the answer is to always focus on the furthest object, often "infinity", then both near and far objects end up sharp.

Unless you're doing a portrait and want a blurred background, obviously

Also, unlike a lot of cameras, the autofocus seems to work best on bold bright features rather than fine detail.  Sometimes it says it's focussed correctly, when it plainly hasn't.  Check the image for sharpness straight away afterwards.

As a general rule, avoid maximum aperture if you want it sharp across the whole frame.

In low light, using auto ISO and Program mode, the default shutter speed (at wide angle) is 1/30, which despite the image stabiliser, often gives blurred pictures.  Use shutter priority and set 1/60 instead.

Enjoy your new RX-100.  Despite it (in my experience) being a fussy camera, when you master it you will get pictures almost as good as a DSLR, especially when the going gets tough like at night or indoors.

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