Canon 6D shutter speed issue.

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There's a minimum shutter speed setting for this

Verto wrote:

Auto ISO selected 6400. And for the Record I have really steady hands. I just thought it would always go with 1/40 for a 40mm lens with no IS. My Canon 40D didn't have this issue. Very strange.

Hi Verto,

If you have the camera on auto ISO, it's going to try to use the longest shutter speed permitted so that it can use the lowest ISO and give you a less noisy picture.

There's a setting in the 6D "ISO Speed Settings" menu for "Min Shutter Spd". You can use this to set the longest shutter speed that the camera will use when it's set to Auto ISO. This setting defaults to "AUTO" and I don't know how it decides. I usually set mine to 1/60 or higher. If you set yours to 1/60 you should be ok with the 40mm.

Details are in the manual on page 111.

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