Shutter shock depends on lens or camera body ?

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Re: Shutter shock depends on lens or camera body ?

Jolly Oly wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Blur due to shutter shock with the 40-150 on the E-M5? Yes, I see clear evidence of that with my copy of lens and camera, and yes, the shutter-shock effect may depend on the body as well as the lens used.

Ok got it.

But shutter-shock at 1/1250? No, that's rather unlikely. If you fail to get sharp shots at that shutter speed, and do so repeatedly (there's a chance element involved in every hand-held exposure), then something else is wrong.

These are my thoughts exactly. I'll run some more tests with high shutter speed only, ibis on/off, handheld and on tripod, anti shock off. Is there anything else I have to set ?

If you want to experiment with ways of reducing the shutter shock at those shutter speeds where you might expect it (about 1/100 s), then it's a good idea to try how things work with anti-shock on.

If you just want to test that everything is OK as far as the lens is concerned, then shoot from a tripod using self-release or cable-release with IBIS off at shutter speeds that are completely safe with regard to shutter shock (lower than 1/25 or higher than 1/250). Shouldn't matter in this case whether anti-shock is on or off.

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