V1 Video?

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Re: V1 Video?

I agree with the previous post.

To get some idea, particularly of the audio quality of the in-camera mics, you can view a video I took hand-held at a concert not long after the V1 was first released using the 10-100 power zoom.  The artist was illuminated essentailly only by a spot.  She has posted the video (down-sampled to 720p with some significant loss in quality) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Djd-14AmI5k&feature=player_embedded (the underlying copyright is hers, so I haven't posted any of the videos from the concert myself).

Where the light is more even (and dim) results are also quite good, although the sharpness of the 10-100 wide open is not great.  If you are using a focal length, the 30-110 gives sharper results, in my view

Note, also, that for full HD, you have a 20-minute clip length limit.

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