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Re: Hogan's comments on diffraction

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I have to wonder what landscape shooters who require tons of DOF will do with such a lens. I mean to be diffraction limited by f4 doesn't give a whole lot of wiggle room when your out in the field.

This is an issue that's been talked mentioned recently, in fact a recent thread claimed that the densely packed pixels of m43 sensors have nothing to do with diffraction. But it's obvious that it has everything to do with it since when all the m43 bodies were 12 mp rarely did we read about such issues in lens reviews. Certainly in the larger format, FF for example, we never see diffraction rearing it's ugly head so early down the aperture scale.

Come on, there are 16 mpix sensor 1/9th of the size on m43 sensors, in cameras with lenses _starting_ at f/3.9.

Look at ANY lens review - for m43 diffraction starts be noticeable somewhere between f/8-f/11. Just like for FF it starts between f/16-f/22.

For example, Oly 75/1.8 at f/8 is much sharper than the 12-35 anywhere. What diffraction at f/4 you are talking about - it would affect both equally.

Not between 12 and 35mm it isn't 

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