Working with the Canon EOS 1DX alongside with the Nikon D4

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Re: Thank you for the idea.

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The only issue I had with D4 is that at times D4 just stop looking for the subject. There won't be anything in the focus but camera won't do anything. If I move the lens away from the subject then it will focus again. I had the same issue with D300. Is it because I'm using AF-C or static subject? I never use AF-S. I can't say I see the issue with moving subjects that often, but it happens. Is that the issue you have? Or is that the focus accuracy in all situations?

Anyway looking forward to see your conclusion.

Do you have auto focus delay set to "OFF"? This is custom setting A3 I believe and it defaults ON (normal) which I personally think is stupid. It purposely delays the tracking speed of the Nikon cameras, and when turned off, tracking performance increases significantly if the subject is changing distance. That would be the very first thing to check. The D300 has this too.

I know that issue when the D4 stop searching for a subject and I experience this a lot in the snow. It will probably not help you to set the Delay to Off, and you will need it ON in some situation with hight contrast backgrounds and small subjects like birds.

I have missed some pictures because the camera suddenly looses the subject and goes the near limit. (I only experiences this with the telephoto lenses).

My workaround to this issue is to use the Focus-Recall button a lot. When I have a subject I press the "remember the distance" button with my middle finger. If I loose the subject I recall the distance by pressing one of the buttons on the lens.

You are right. This issue happens with less contrast subjects. I will practice it. I'm too lazy to do things while shooting I know I was lazy to try AF-On button when started taking BIF. Now I'm addicted to this feature. Hopefully setting this will become a second nature soon.

It would be better if the camera would keep searching in all situations - like you can choose on the 1DX

That's nice to have a feature like this. Did you notice any other major difference in AF in good light? I think Canon lenses are faster than Nikon lenses. Or is the camera? This is what I think about speed. Nikon's super teles travel from min distance to infinity in less than a second (by testing the camera by pointing to sky). Is n't that speed sufficient to track the fastest creature on earth? Is there any advantage to having faster camera/lens than this? I could be wrong. What do you think?

D300 and AF-S 500/4 I tracked this eagle in .7 seconds (8FPS).

So when Nikon get's it, gets it perfect. But at times camera is completely lost! Does it happen to Canon too? I really want to rent 1DX and 500/4 for a weekend.

Great photos Jemini.

Thank you for the comment. It means a lot when it comes from people like you

I don't have any experiences with the 1DX yet. Here in Greenland I have 24 hours of darkness right now but every time I get new experiences with the 1DX I will share it on my blog.

Wow! 24 hr night? Now I know why low light focusing is important for you! I will watch your blog for your findings. I'm seriously considering renting it for a weekend. It will cost $500 for 1DX and 500mm for 4 days. I should make sure I understand all settings in canon before I rent it.

All the best

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