Is a tablet practical for me? Help

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Re: Is a tablet practical for me? Help

rkhndjr wrote:

Very low prices here on tablets now. I am in the house with my very ill wife all day but do have this PC which I can access occasionally. I am thinking in terms of a tablet to use in the room with my wife as a diversion from TV. Is it feasible?

I have a similar situation.

I bought a Nexus 7 on a lark and, while there was a learning curve, have fallen in love with it. While a screen larger than 7" is probably the best choice if you'll be using it primarily at home, it is also heavier. My 7" Nexus, with a nice cover, is similar to holding a book. In most cases, I can actually read text on it better than my 15" notebook screen. I do take it along sometimes when I go out. WiFi access is just about everywhere in the U.S.

I don't know much about other tablets (this one is my first), but do know mine has a fast processor and enough RAM to make using the apps and internet very pleasurable. So, just like when buying a computer, check those features before buying.

My Nexus 7 doesn't have a front facing camera. I don't miss it but with all you can use it for, my next tablet will have one (not to replace my carry-at-all times camera but for things like taking a photo of a check and depositing it directly into my bank need to drive to the bank).

The tablet world is fun and fascinating. The apps available for it are amazing, and many useful and entertaining ones are free.

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