RX1. What photos would you like me to post.

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Re: Give it a break.

f56andbethere wrote:

Dave Hughes wrote:

:mcshan wrote:

Come on. The guy has a new camera a day and a half, shares a handful of pictures with us and he is told to learn how to use it and stop posting snapshots. I and many out here are not looking for art. We waited so long for real world shooting that these shots are welcome.

Yes, give it rest please. These are much better than most of the RX1 shots posted here to date and I for one would like to see more.

Bring them on Neil

You may not know the history, but these are dangerous words. When Linda has some sage advice for Neil, you know something's up.

He just needs to put all of his images into one thread. Consolidation is key here. Any maybe be a little more thoughtful about the images he picks (with no arrogance, ideally).

Any camera these days can make a decent jpeg. Something about the images need to show what it can do, above and beyond. That's all. Completely generic images really say nothing about the camera, and could have been taken with anything, really.

Yes, it is the twilight zone because this is exactly what i was trying to say to Neil.

Thank you f56.

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