Sony 35mm f1.8 or Rokkor 35mm f1.8

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Re: Sony 35mm f1.8 or Rokkor 35mm f1.8

lowincash wrote:

Just curious if anyone would get the rokkor one and use manual focus over the Sony's auto focus one. For about half the price, you get the same FL and speed but it's MF. But I think the new Sony lens will be more sharp but just curious.

I'm trying to decide which to get and since most of the time I use legacy lenses more than my kit lenses. What are your thoughts on this?

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I only shoot JPEG =]

The Rokkor 35's probably great, and if you like the legacy manual ergonomics, why not? I got the Canon FDn 35/2 not so long ago - i had the older chrome nose 35/2 which is amazingly sharp but big and heavy, and the light but wide-ish FDn 28/2.8, but the 35/2 is fantastic for my purposes, very sharp, fast enough, wide enough for scenics, narrow enough for portraits & close-ups, and does pseudo-macro with a close-up lens and a little cropping. My fast 50s and 28s are gathering dust recently! I'm sure the SEL3518's fantastic as well, but not sure if I'd spring for it at that price.


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