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DPR's comments on the A77 weren't terribly complementary.

"This sequence of images was shot in the A77's Continuous Advance Priority AE mode, with AF set to continuous and the central AF 'zone' activated. As you can see, out of a run of 11 images, only one (frame 5) is genuinely sharp, although several more are sharp enough given the A77's pixel count to be perfectly useable. This is an extreme example though - in general, with a little trial and error, our experience suggests that you can expect between 40-60% of frames will have part of the subject in focus with AF set to 'C'. 
Overall, we feel pretty much the same about the A77's continuous AF performance as we did about the system in its predecessor the A55. Namely that it is perfectly capable most of the time, but in terms of its tracking abilities it can't quite keep up with the systems in competitors like Canon's EOS 7D and the Nikon D7000."

Perhaps a bride isn't too strenuous, then. Let's hope you're hitting better than one frame in eleven.

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