Nikon PP vs Photoshop CS6

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Re: Nikon PP vs Photoshop CS6

I've only run into the lock situation once or twice and it's usually when I've got some significant control point selection going on.  Might want to make sure you have the most recent version of each.

That said, about 8 months ago I shifted the bulk of my post processing to lightroom 4 / cs 6.  I find the camera profiles in lr4 and 2012 procesing much improved over lr3 when I tried it.  I can *usually* match NX2 quite quickly, but there are rare times when NX2 does seem to have a slight color edge.  The big difference for me is speed of workflow when dealing with multiple shots/batch situations in LR.  NX2 batch processing is much slower, particularly when you need to back pedal a bit to readjust a few exception situations in the batch.

Regarding the shift from NX to LR/CS, for me:

  • The LR integrated workflow takes some getting used to, but quickly pays off.
  • I have CS for deep editing, but use it less and less, so my memory of photoshop "how to" is fading.  (I use it about as much as when I had a NX workflow.)
  • I used Nik color efex and silver efex with NX and still do with LR.  (Somehow wound up with both types of plugins, can't recall how.)  Both work with LR, but Nik requires LR to render a second copy to work on first.  NX would integrate color efex into the original, but not LR.  Silver efex works similarly on each.
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