Seasons passing by;... also for young and beautiful! ….

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some thoughts

There are two realities the viewer can relate to this photo. To begin with the reality of the imagination, there seems to be an inconsistence in the image at first glance: The posture of the lady – she has turned her head, wears sunglasses, has raised and bent her arm – creates the impression of staring into the distance with sort of inner agitation. But as there is nothing special to see outdoors this dramaturgic device, reminiscent of teichoscopy, changes her seemingly looking outwards so much the more into introspection and remembrance, into a commemorative sunbath, as it were. But what kind of ”sun” she is bathing in? The associations the photo induces by underlining her silhouette and her curves, by showing her sitting in a Chippendale armchair with her legs crossed in a convenient but also occlusive manner lead the viewer to imagine the potential actuality of her present privative reality, i.e. to see her as kind of a present-day Lady Ottoline remembering her love-affairs. Thus the photo makes the viewer look at the change of seasons in an additional eroticised way, in which the eternal feminine is opposed to the transience of (all kinds of) affairs.

This would have been a plausible reading a generation ago, but, unfortunately, mobile phones have been invented since then, and related to the prosaic reality of our present everyday life the photo shows just an ordinary handsome woman arranging an appointment by phone, say with an auto repair shop.

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