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Re: And YES, this was shot at f2.8 (img)

Bruce Granofsky wrote:

gl2k wrote:

Bruce Granofsky wrote:

Well, I wouldn't say 'great Pop' as that looks more like your Mother.

But I'm sure she's great too!


Hi Bruce

I'm sorry to say so but ...

While it was fun to a certain degree to follow you in the D800 forum when you went after Neil it has lost its appeal and now has became plainly embarrassing. What you do is stalking in its purest form.

Neil has posted lots of trashy images claiming they were extraordinary great. So be it. But he left the D800 forum for whatever reason and you better accept that and leave him alone for whatever he does.

The Sony guys here will respond in a meaningful way or simply ignore him if he continues with his old habits.


Good morning Gl2k,

No stalking here, and no il-will towards Neil.

We've made peace with each other through PM's and as a matter of fact, I encouraged him to buy the RX1. GREAT CAMERA and I LOVE it.

Just joshing with him as I didn't see any real 'pop' and Neil was obviously playfully mocking in his tone and so was I.

You can relax now.


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Keep the fun real.

I just want to apologize if I offended you in any way at the D600 forum. Some of the criticism towards Neil was and is justified looking at his contributions to this forum over the last day or so.

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