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Re: Surely you jest

The_Wicker_Man wrote:

Almost everything else is achievable in a smaller, cheaper package. Among DSLRs, AF (and speed in general) is the primary differentiating factor,

Confirming your lack of knowledge

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i know what i know, which is a fraction of what i don't

Your signature is apt. Among amateurs, geejaws may well dictate the purchasing decisions. For people paid to shoot (the ones spending $3000 on a body), it's all about getting the shot. AF tracking, noise performance, framerate-- these all figure large. Things like built-in panorama mode or whatever don't figure at all. And I would argue that anyone who cares about their hit-rate eventually comes around to this view.

My beef with this Sony is that it has a whole mess of 'advanced' functionality (which presumably contributed to the score), but falls down on the basics relative to the competition. If you just want to take photos of landscapes or slow-moving bugs, why drop the coin on an A99 when twenty other bodies will provide similar results at less cost?

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