XE1: spot metering bug or user error?

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Re: XE1: spot metering bug or user error?

nixda wrote:

pmaster wrote:

Yes thanks for this info! I wasn't aware of this and was wondering why in hell my X-E1 wasn't metering well for a backlit shot recently, it explains a lot!

Yes it does, but to me, it is fundamentally a bit weird that spot metering and focus point selection aren't coupled. Usually, one would want to have the focus point metered properly. However, I can see situations where one would in fact want to meter off some spot or region other than the focus point. Ideally, I guess, there would be an option to couple or decouple metering and focus point. So, in the meantime, I move the center point to where I'd like to focus later, meter, then recompose, focus and shoot. That's of course a pain when the camera is on a tripod.

If I remember correctly, it was coupled on my Sony NEX-6.

It's a pain (i.e. slow) to use Manual mode and spot metering, recomposing on the XE-1.  Easier to use a spot meter.

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