What mode is your camera most often in? Why?

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Re: What mode is your camera most often in? Why?

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So many people say they use A mode because DOF is important, or that they want DOF set first. In Manual mode, can't you just choose for DOF to be a priority in your handling of the camera? Can't you set it first? Understood in M you will have to set everything else next, whereas in A the camera will help out, so do you really mean you want control of the aperture AND you want the camera to be otherwise automatic?

I mean, why does switching to Manual mess with your ability to prioritize, or quickly nail, DOF, compared with A mode?

The reason for using A-mode instead of M-mode is because you don't need to set shutter speed manually, so it's easier to let the camera do it. All you need to do is check that the shutter speed is within the limits you want it to be.

In difficult lighting situation, it might be easier to use M-mode as it might be difficult to predict or control how the camera will set exposure.

The way I choose exposure mode, is by using as much automatic function as possible, just as long as the camera will the exposure as I want it to. If I must override the camera setting I choose between using EV compensation or using M-mode. I use EV comp If the exposure setting change between shots but EV comp will stay the same. If exposure will be the same but "EV comp" will differ between shots, I'll use M-mode.

I just don't see any reason to play with more settings than I have to.

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