You were my favourite website

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Re: You were my favourite website

Bigloaf wrote:


I have been a faithful follower for years and years - checking in usually daily sometimes more.

I recommend you to all the people asking for didtal camera advice.

But now when I look at the home page, I am befuddled by the choice of things

As I move my mouse over the page things jump out at me.

There are moving images - it isn't Disney (even as I type this some rectangle keeps changing)

The website seems to have exploded into a social network looking place, not a really useful digital camera resource that is a pleasure to drive

Perhpas that I should add I can't folloow facebuk or twatter, because I don't have time for other peoples rubbish.

Unless it is cleaned up I will probably go, if it gets worse I am definitely going

My apologies if there is a special place for feedback - I can't find it among the trash

If you know how to use DPR it can be a great source of information, if you wan to have fun and a natter or discussion, it can do that too. It is a great site in my view. If you don't like it look for another. But it won't be like DPR.


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