Q with 06 lens versus 5DmkII with 70-200 IS II

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Re: Q with 06 lens versus 5DmkII with 70-200 IS II

Richard Smals wrote:

Jack Simpson wrote:

Well, of course, the Q comes across better than the 5D Mk II .... newer technology


LOL. Then Pentax should ask $ 4000 for it. And we all know that making things more small is costly, so it is justified.

But seriously i see a lot of creative momentum in the Q, with a good enough IQ to be convincing. The downfall is that shallow DOF is out of this equation.

You can still get some shallow DOF depending on the lens you pick and subject:


Of course shallow here is relative. This is not super shallow. I can only hope Pentax re-issues the 01 as an F1.0.

The Q let me down with some creative aspect i would try:

  • The 03 fish-eye can't do long exposures or Bulb.
  • There is no wireless control of flashes, even with a 360 as controller and a 540 as a slave.
  • ....
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