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Re: ViewNX2 MBA to MBP Retina

gordonkim wrote:

Hi guys,

Just upgraded laptops and pulled my library on the new MBP Retina and the pics don't look too good. Looking at the same pics but these pics looked much better on my MBA. Is it because ViewNX2 is not retina compatible? Scratching my head on this one. Is there a way to refresh the thumbnail pics in ViewNX2? I was starting to enjoy using the program.


Yes, I've seen no mention of an update for ViewNX, and it isn't mentioned on their website so I'd assume it's not retina compatible.

These unsupported apps see the screen as 1280 x 800, less than your previous 1440 x 900 (assuming the 13" rMBP and MBA). Your software scales the image to fit within that resolution and then OS X upscales to the true resolution. This is why your images look worse.

To see what you should be seeing, open a full size JPEG in preview, make sure the preference is set to display 1 pixel as 1 pixel, then view the image full screen. Alternatively just change your desktop wallpaper to the frog image, to really see what retina looks like.

There are some workarounds that depend on your personal viewing comfort levels, but I found running the screen in scaled 1680 x 1050 mode brings some of the high res benefits for non-retina apps, (in addition to the colour benefits you are already getting). If you can't tolerate that, try 1440 x 900, and it should look pretty close to the MBA.


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