Anyone regret purchasing the RX100?

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Re: Anyone regret purchasing the RX100?

I personally regret buying it for stills, I shoot adult stuff and thought I'd have a simple pocket cam for public stuff and behind the scenes work. Since I never use the onboard flash and at high iso it's (understandably) not great i tend to leave it constantly at the widest angle to use the f/1.8, as any zooming in and shutter speeds are often just not workable unless i'm in daylight (i'm often not). First time I've regretted selling my x100, I'd have the same fixed-lens type shooting but I'd have a viewfinder and high iso ability. I can't personally stand doing photos I care about at all holding a cam in out front of my face like a cameraphone thing, mentally I just feel like I don't care looking at that screen. Image quality, for what you're getting it's amazing, I'd put it up against my old Nikon d200 (the sony would loose, but not by a lot) as far as colour and dynamic range, which is not a negative comparison at all.

I will however say that for video, I had no idea I could do this so well, out of nowhere I have a mobile video powerhouse, I've made back what the camera and accessories cost three times over shooting public stuff and as an alternative to my Canon 5dm2 and m3 (for when I just need AF, or to work quick and superlight around action up close). I've found the vid AF to be better than the nex-7 and nex-5n I've had as portable backups. The audio quality is horrible, not for lack of good mics (they're pretty ok) but the mics are right on the top plate, so most angles your own breathing goes from unheard to a loud obvious nasal wind (when indoors and it's even a little quiet), even when well in front of you, simply because of the mic angle and how close it is to your face, so I had to buy a little portable audio recorder.

If I still traveled as much as I used to for work I'd probably grow to adore the camera for utility alone, and will say the add-on grips make a world of difference, so I don't know if anything here was useful... all the best though.

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