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Surely you jest

I couldn't believe the comparison graph at the end of the review, nor the final score. To my mind, the point of a full-frame DSLR is low noise, AF tracking, subject isolation, and interchangeable lenses. If you're willing to throw out the first two, you might as well buy mirrorless or a lesser crop body at a third the price.

Here are the key lines from this review:

"At indoor events, like collegiate basketball games, the AF system can be a bit slow to lock onto fast moving subjects coming straight towards or away from the camera. In the 6 fps burst mode we often found more precise focus on the second or third frame. And once the camera does achieve sharp focus, the predictive autofocus of the AF assist points cannot reliably keep up with subjects running at full speed. In burst mode sequences shot under these conditions, we rarely found more than two consecutive frames in sharp focus."

Translation: You can't shoot moving objects.

"Lest we sound overly negative, its worth remembering that unlike the decades old DSLR AF systems, the approach Sony has taken is still in its early stages of development. As such, while it's quite possible that the SLT design will be looked back on as a stop-gap measure, the other way of interpreting this is that it's the only way of offering this combination of capabilities, using current technologies."

Translation: This implementation may suck, but hey, they tried.

Hilariously, the comparison graph to the 5D III, which is almost a stop more sensitive and has the best AF system of any camera in history save the 1D X, ties the A99 on focus and lags on high-ISO. Does DPReview just pull these numbers out of a hat? Anyone who plans to put this camera under the stress of action shooting (which includes moving kids), the chief reason to bother with a DSLR at all, is going to be in for such a disappointment.

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