Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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Re: Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

gdanmitchell wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

You Sir misunderstood the question and went great length to defend a position irrelevant to this thread. You just need to update the limited definition of "wow" in your aging dictionary with more flexible meanings. The question essentially was, "What are your favorite lenses?" Perhaps you like some more than others. Let's hear which.

I just re-read the original post after reading your claim that I "misunderstood the question." Actually, I understood it exactly and I responded to the "wow" lens question that was asked.

An excerpt, since the whole thing is readily available and quite long:

"Philippe R wrote:

... have read a post on someone looking for a lens that produces a "wow" factor.....

So let's have it, what do you consider a lens with a definite "wow" effect

Please specify the lens, the body it's used on, and of course your use..."

The question was not "essentially...'What are your favorite lenses?'" So, "you, sir, misunderstood the question," not me.

You also missed my explanation of why you misunderstood the question. It is because you have a certain definition of what you think "wow" means, but the OP meant something completely different. Please see his opinion on this matter:


I also wouldn't say that Canon 50/1.4 is not a "wow" lens once stopped down to f/5.6 or so.

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