Hayden AZ Mining [P14, O17, O45, O40-150]

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Re: Hayden AZ Mining [P14, O17, O45, O40-150]

OniMirage wrote:

Can't say any grabbed my attention but I think it was because of the presentation. The images were of objects that sadly didn't age well and damaged in some way, to describe the town, depressed would be a good word to use, but the colors, contrast and brightness often gave the opposite message to the pictures. There are lots of directions that could have been taken here but I think for some of the images of the ruined town, a lower angle would have worked wonders especially in the burned restaurant. The images feel, disconnected, there isn't any intimacy here ... perhaps a different time of day would have been better. This is probably my favorite of the bunch,

Thanks for commenting! I didn't want the photos to just be "depressing," that's why I comment on the beauty of the place and bring up the happiness in the children...

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