How do you turn off Windows 8 auto-rotation of thumbnail view?

Started Nov 8, 2012 | Questions thread
Excalibur212 New Member • Posts: 1
Re: How do you turn off Windows 8 auto-rotation of thumbnail view?

Hello, can someone please actually ANSWER the original question asked? I just installed Windows 8 and would like to know the same thing. Please do NOT reply about installing other software, how Windows sucks, etc etc. or some other off-topic non-response. The question is how to disable Windows 8 from DISPLAYING the image rotated on your screen/OS, even when the actual image itself has NOT been rotated. Also this has absolutely nothing to do with auto-rotation of your *desktop* or any physical moving of a tablet or screen vertically or horizontally (ignore the original 1st reply to this thread and youtube link; this person did not understand the question). It is a simple thumbnail display question, when you are looking at files in Large or Small icon view in Explorer... Again, please no responses saying to install other software or about using different programs/apps to view images...that is not the question and not appreciated.

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