Why I still chose the NEX-7 over the NEX-6

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Why I still chose the NEX-7 over the NEX-6

After debating with myself for a long time I spent $950 on a used NEX-7.

The 6's high ISO performance was tempting, but I could always sample down the pictures if I don't want to print large. After down sampling the images to 16mp the NEX7's high iso performance was almost as good as the NEX-C3. Good enough for me.

The 24mp sensor also allowed for more aggressive noise reduction. I could go quite a bit when only printing 4x6 or even 8x12. But compared to the C3 I could crop a lot more. In daylight I could do away with 3/4th of the entire picture and still get something usable. That I can't do with a 16MP sensor.

Also, something that was found when using the c3 with the Distagon 18mm f4 ZM - the camera isn't good enough for the lens! I could squeeze quite a bit more out of the wonderful Zeiss glass with the NEX-7. My 50mm Summilux wasn't very sharp to begin with, so it had less of an improvement.

My suggestions is, if you plan on only using Sony glass, get the 6. I haven't tried the 6 yet, but from what I've seen from unboxing videos the speed difference is really significant. If you want to shoot in low light a lot also consider the 6, but for legacy lenses the NEX7 is still the best APS-C body out there. Tri-nav is an awesome feature that gives you a feeling of being in control of everything, and the sensor is simply superb at iso levels below 800.

Here are some recent pictures.

- with the Leica Summilux 50mm e43 (pre-aspherical version) 

School Symphony Orchestra. Fortunately I work for them so I get to shoot onstage.

IMO the 50mm summilux is sharp enough in the center, but softens quickly towards the corners.

Trip with photographers. The old Summilux's bokeh is simply beautiful, perhaps the main reason why people buy it.

- with a Zeiss ZM Distagon 18mm f4

The sharpness is simply amazing with this setup. I could see cracks on bricks and count leaves here! Red corners are a problem though, this shot was put through cornerfix.

The color render is also excellent. This went through a bit of processing to get foreground detail, but the original was every bit as ethereal.

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