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Re: CS5+LR4 to PSE 11

Lightroom is great not only because you can revert to the original but because you can clone off a copy at any point in your post processing work to take the processing in a different direction without creating a completely new copy of the image file, just a new XMP file with the different processing directions.  The image file size doesn't change in LR either, there is just a small text XMP file added that contains the editing instructions.

In Photoshop you can sort of do the same non-destructive editing but it will cost you file storage space. Here is a pretty good free video tutorial on how to do a lot of Photoshop work in a non-destructive mode using CS6.

B&H - Tim Grey - Photoshop CS6 for the Photographer - YouTube

I never make changes to the original file in Photoshop, I do all my editing on layers.  I also keep the layers when I'm finished, I never flatten the image since doing that alters the original image file.  As long as you keep all the layers (and make sure you rename each so you can identify them) it is easy to go right back to the original an clone off a copy or a snapshot.

You can keep your file size as small as possible by working with empty new layers or adjustment layers instead of on copies of the original image "background" layer.  Adding an empty new layer and doing all the blemish retouching for a portrait with the Healing Brushes or the Clone Stamp tool is one example that will increase your file size only a small amount.

I avoid the Patch tool since that requires the use of a background copy, and every time you add a background copy the file size increases by the size of the original file.  Of course there are some things that simply require the use of a copy of the background layer, things like skin softening.

Increasing the file size when you edit in Photoshop is simply something you have to accept, but for some things there just isn't anyway Lightroom can match the capabilities of Photoshop.  To me Lightroom and Photoshop are like gloves, you want to have both of them.

If you are having trouble remembering how you do things in Photoshop because you aren't using it much then sit down and write out your procedures.  That is what I did when learning, and as I learn more I keep revising and updating that writeup.  When I forget how to do something it only takes a couple of minutes to pop the writeup up on a monitor and read through how to do the process again.

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