Hopeless: New 10-18mm on NEX-7

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Re: People are asking too much of this combo!

oklaphotog wrote:

edwardaneal wrote:

actually I would disagree - if one wide angle lens doesnt have the problem and another lens of the same focal length does have the problem we have proof that it is possible to design a lens of that focal length that doesnt have the problem

from what I understand the sensor in the NEX-7 is sensitive to light hitting at too much of an angle - sony should have designed the lens in such a way that the light did not hit at such a steep angle

Yes and no. You're right about why it happens, and that is why a lens extended away from the sensor doesn't have the problem near as bad or eliminates it. There is not a short register distance UW lens that doesn't have problems with the NEX-7 in this regard. That is why I said Sony will most likely make a new micro lens array to fix the problem. Just like Leica did. This page of the M8 review explains what they did, and Sony will probably need to do the same thing. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/leicam8

wasnt cornerfix invented for the leica M8

They could also solve it by making the lenses closer to telecentric like the m4/3 lenses are. This approach does make it more expensive to make the lens though and the lenses become bigger because of it.

well m 4/3 has a slightly longer registration distance at 20mm ve 18mm and they also have a smaller sensor to cover which automatically makes tha angle of light at the edges less extreme

Maybe they will inherit some of that tech from the new deal with Oly. Oly didn't go completely telecentric in the m4/3 glass like they did 4/3 because of size. But since Sony is already experimenting with microlens arrays and variable strength AA filters in the A99, I bet they use something like offset micro lenses in the NEX-7 replacement. It would be much better to solve it at the sensor level so that previous lenses in the line up won't have the issue and the lenses stay small etc....

personally I disagree - if you know your top of the line camera requires the light to hit at a steeper angle then you should design your lenses to accommodate it - even if it means they are a few mm longer

seriously the NEX-7 came before this lens was designed and made - at that point the only thing they could change was the lens design - why is it acceptable that they design a lens that is not good on a current camera just because they can fix the issue at the sensor levle on some non existant future camera?

seriously would you accept tires on your car that only lasted 10,000 miles just because next years car was redesigned to make the tires last 40,000 miles

its BS - sony did a poor job designing the lens, they didnt do what was needed to make it perform well on all of their current cameras

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