connect NX camera to Android tablet via USB?

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Re: connect NX camera to Android tablet via USB?

tecnoworld wrote:

I recently bought a Nexus 7, which allows connecting USB sticks and devices through USB OTG cable (which I own).

I trfgried connecting both the nx100 and the nx200 to it, without luck. After selecting computer, the camera simply seems to contact the device, and everything stops there.

did anybody try to do this? I read that different ppl connected NEX to Android devices, but I can't find evidences from NX users.

of course I just want the tablet to see the camera as a USB storage.

I connected an EX1 to my Tab2-10 (with the standard EX1 data/charge cable and the USB connection kit for the Tab) and transferring photos or viewing them on the Tab2  works, but only if the camera was fully charged otherwise the EX1wants to charge itself, and the Tab2 can't/doesn't want to supply the power and the connection is broken.

The NX100 and NX200 it seems do not have USB charging, so this should not be an issue. If you can mount the camera as a standard USB storage device on the PC, then it should also work on an Android tablet.

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